The West Virginia Lottery's
Second Chance Drawing Official Rules

Version 1 (3/14/2019)


The purpose of this document is to establish procedures governing the West Virginia Lottery's WHEEL OF FORTUNE Second Chance promotion and associated drawing. These rules and procedures supersede any other information, including printed informational brochures, How-To-Play brochures, web site information, radio, television, newspaper, or any other means of communications in regards to this promotion and associated drawings.

The Director of the West Virginia Lottery reserves the right to change or supersede any outlined procedures. Additional draw procedures associated with this drawing may be implemented at a later date as necessary.

This promotion is void where prohibited by law.


Play the West Virginia Lottery's $10 "WHEEL OF FORTUNE" 2ND EDITION scratch-off ticket (game #1008) and enter any non-winning tickets into the drawing for the chance to win cash prizes up to $75,000 and five (5) trips to Los Angeles that includes a chance to participate in the Big Money Spin event with a chance to win up to $1 Million (each a "Trip Prize"). No cash equivalent shall be awarded in place of Trip Prizes.


There shall be one (1) drawing. Each drawing shall award one (1) $75,000 winner, five (5) Trip Prize winners, seven (7) $15,000 winners, and twenty (20) $1,000 winners. Players must register their non-winning tickets via the web by visiting and clicking the Wheel of Fortune Second Chance banner or by visiting by the entry deadline for the drawing. Each entrant may win only one (1) second chance prize in the promotional event.

Entry Deadline 11:50 PM (EST)

Drawing Date

Winners Selected & Prize

December 9, 2019

December 11, 2019

1 - $75,000 winner
5 - VIP Trip Package winners
7 - $15,000 winners
20 - $1,000 winners

*Subject to change

Sales of Game #1008 WHEEL OF FORTUNE® 2ND EDITION and acceptance of entries for the Second Chance Promotion shall begin on April 25, 2019. The relevant dates and associated prizes to be awarded are as follows:


To enter the West Virginia Lottery Wheel of Fortune Second Chance Promotion, go to and click on the Wheel of Fortune Second Chance Promotion banner or visit A player must complete the free, one-time registration and complete the entry form including the required ticket number from any valid non-winning West Virginia Lottery $10 Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition Scratch-off ticket (#1008) to enter. The West Virginia Lottery does not sell or use your information for any purpose other than as a convenience for your entry, as contact information should you win, and for informational emails.

For each unique non-winning Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition Scratch-off ticket entered, a player shall receive one (1) entry. Entries for the drawing must be received prior to 11:50 p.m. EST on the date of the drawing Entry Deadline. Entries are not valid for any other promotional offers. Each entrant may win only one (1) prize for the promotion.

Only valid internet entries shall be accepted. Hand delivered, courier, or mail entries shall be disqualified.


A. Requirements

1. Entries captured via the web ( ) shall be maintained by the West Virginia Lottery's designated agent, IGT Global Solutions Corporation or and its subcontractors (referred to as "IGT"), which shall conduct the second chance drawings.

2. Players must successfully submit the valid non-winning #1008 WHEEL OF FORTUNE® 2ND EDITION ticket's game, book, ticket, and validation numbers.

3. Player information necessary for fulfillment (entrant's name, complete address, phone number and e-mail address) shall be captured from the WHEEL OF FORTUNE Second Chance website. The West Virginia Lottery and its designee are not responsible for player information that is outdated or erroneous or when a player is unreachable after being selected as a winner. It is the responsibility of the player to maintain up-to-date and accurate email, name, address, and phone number when entering their information. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.

4. At the time of submission, the entry shall be verified against a valid ticket list. Once a ticket is registered, it cannot be registered again. Once a ticket is successfully entered the player shall receive an on screen "entry accepted" prompt.

5. The captured entries shall be stored in a secured electronic file until each entry deadline.

6. Once the valid entry period expires, the file shall be prepared for the random selection process.

B. Random Selection Process

1. IGT shall provide the West Virginia Lottery with the development of a promotional website designed to facilitate acceptance of entries.

2. IGT shall provide second chance drawing services for the West Virginia Lottery. The drawing(s) shall be conducted in strict accordance with West Virginia Lottery procedures, promotion rules and regulations as provided to IGT.

3. An independent auditor shall be present to verify the winners and that drawing procedures were followed as outlined in this document.

4. Using a secure draw system with a random number generator (RNG), the drawing manager shall establish a file comprised of the unique/non-duplicated entry numbers from the electronic entries.

5. There shall be one (1) drawing conducted:

a. Using a secure certified RNG, the IGT Drawing Manager shall be responsible for uploading the file of internet entries into the RNG/randomization application.

b. The IGT Drawing Manager shall initiate the randomization application which performs a series of statistical processes across the entire entry pool of entries to randomly identify winners. The randomization program will be applied to run two times; the first "run" will be identified as a "Test" run to ensure the program operation (it will not be used to select winners). The second "run" will identify the winners and alternates. The process repeats until all winners and alternates have been identified.

c. An output document identifies the winners and confirms the winner selection process. The output document shall be sent to the West Virginia Lottery via Secure FTP site and shall be given to the IGT Drawing Manager onsite.

d. The entries shall be evaluated by the West Virginia Lottery Drawing Manger to determine that the entrants meet the qualification/validation criteria and general rules.

6. Using the RNG, thirty-three (33) entries for each drawing shall be selected as prize winners for that drawing.

7. An additional twenty-five (25) 'alternate' entries shall be randomly drawn from the remaining entries to reserve in the event that the entries do not meet the required criteria to qualify as a 'winner'.

9. Limit one (1) prize per person. Any entry selected with a duplicate name subsequent to that person's first entry shall be disqualified from the drawing.

8. Drawings shall take place at IMARCS Group, LLC:

2450 Tim Gamble Pl #203

Tallahassee, FL 32308

9. The West Virginia Lottery reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.


The listing of selected winners and alternates shall be securely sent to the West Virginia Lottery immediately after verification of drawing process. The list of all winners and alternates shall include winner's name, address, daytime phone number, and validation number.

The West Virginia Lottery shall then verify that the selected winners are valid. If winner's submission is deemed invalid for any reason, then the next subsequent alternate shall be used. The West Virginia Lottery shall then notify all winners by telephone to provide information on claiming their prize. Winners must respond to the initial West Virginia Lottery phone and/or email contact within forty-eight (48) hours following the draw date or the winner shall forfeit the prize and the prize shall be awarded to an alternate. Winners must return the provided claim form to the Lottery within fifteen (15) business days or be disqualified and the prize awarded to the next alternate.

Should an alternate be selected, the West Virginia Lottery shall make contact by telephone and that alternate shall have forty-eight (48) hours to respond. Should an alternate be disqualified or does not respond within the forty-eight (48) hour period, the process shall be repeated until the prize is awarded.


Cash prizes to be awarded in the second chance drawings shall be provided by the West Virginia Lottery, funded by the West Virginia Lottery's unclaimed prize fund and fulfilled by the West Virginia Lottery upon winner claim.

From the time that the West Virginia Lottery validates the winner of a Trip Prize, IGT shall contact the winner within fifteen (15) business days to begin making arrangements therefor.

Trip Prize winners shall have until February 27, 2020, to book his or her trip, which shall take place April 13 through 16, 2020, unless rescheduled due to Force Majeure or change in event schedule.

Standard withholding state and federal taxes associated with the Trip Prize are included in such prize. In addition, IGT shall issue the proper IRS Form W-2G to the Trip Prize winner and provide a copy to the West Virginia Lottery.

Unless otherwise specified by the West Virginia Lottery, if the Trip Prize winner fails to attend the trip or fails to arrive at the studio for his or her scheduled participation in the events in Los Angeles, a proxy may be chosen to play for the absent winner, and any prize won as a result of such proxy's participation may be awarded to the absent winner.

Trip Prizes are not redeemable for cash.

In the event that a Trip Prize is not claimed or taken by a winner, the West Virginia Lottery may assign the prize to an alternate winner under the same terms and conditions as specified herein, provided that prize is still available and time requirements have not lapsed.

Each Trip Prize winner, as a condition of eligibility to receive the Trip Prize, must sign a waiver, release, and consent that waives and releases the West Virginia Lottery, and IGT, their agents and retailers and each of their respective officers, directors and employees from any claims, suits, liabilities, actions, damages, loses, costs and expenses incurred in connection with the Trip Prize.


The Trip Prize includes round trip coach airfare for two to/from any airport in the US to LAX, four (4) days, three (3) nights hotel accommodations, ground transportation to/from airport and hotel, ground transportation to/from studio and hotel, Hollywood tour, $500 spending money, VIP tour of Sony Studios, two (2) tickets to a taping of Wheel of Fortune, and participation in the Big Money Spin event, where each Trip Prize winner will win a cash prize and will have the chance to win up to $1,000,000.

The Trip Prize does not include: mileage, insurance, gratuities, meals, parking fees, departure fees, baggage fees, alcoholic beverages (other than those served without charge at any reception and/or party), any items not expressly specified, and personal expenses such as telephone calls, valet service, laundry and the like, as well as revision or cancellation fees which may be charged by the hotel, or other suppliers. Each Trip Prize winner, designee, or guest must have a valid credit card or shall be required to post cash deposit for incidentals to check into the hotel.


The Event shall be part of a multi-state lottery promotion, and attending grand prize trip winners from other state lotteries (collectively and with the attending Grand Prize Trip Package Winner, the "Multistate Winners") shall participate in the Event. During the Event, each Multistate Winner shall have the opportunity to win cash prizes ranging from one thousand dollars ($1,000) to one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), with one Multistate Winner having the opportunity to win up to one million dollars ($1,000,000). Each Event shall consist of the following:

A. Round 1 - Each Multistate Winner will spin the Wheel of Fortune having wedges with dollar amounts ranging from one thousand dollars ($1,000) to ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and will win the cash prize amount on the wedge where the spin stops at. The cash prize will be revealed by the Multistate Player picking up the wedge, turning it over, and revealing it to the crowd.

B. Round 2 - Multiplier Round: Each Multistate Winner's name will be placed into a drawing drum. Five (5) Multistate Winners' names will be randomly selected. The Wheel of Fortune Bonus Wheel will have five (5) envelopes each containing a card. Each of the five (5) randomly selected Multistate Winners will select one (1) envelope. One (1) envelope will contain a card that indicates a multiplier of two times (2x). One (1) envelope will contain a card that indicates a multiplier of three times (3x). Each Multistate Winner that selects one of these envelopes will have the cash prize amount he or she won in Round 1 multiplied by two (2) or three (3), respectively, and that sum will be his or her cash prize. The Wheel of Fortune Bonus Wheel will also have three (3) envelopes that each contain a card that indicates to go to the Big Money Spin Round. The three (3) Multistate Winners that select these envelopes will advance to the Big Money Spin Round.

C. Round 3 - Big Money Spin Round: The Wheel of Fortune puzzle board ("Puzzle Board") will appear with three (3) rows illuminated. The rows will be numbered one (1), two (2), and three (3). A final drawing will occur to establish which of the remaining three (3) Multistate Winners will be assigned to each row. The Puzzle Board will animate and reveal one of the following cash prizes in each row; twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000), fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), or one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). The Multistate Winner assigned to the row with twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) or fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) will have that amount added to the cash prize he or she won in Round 1. That sum will be his or her cash prize. The Multistate Winner assigned to the row with one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) will advance to the Big Money Multiplier Round.

D. Round 4 - Big Money Multiplier Round: The Multistate Winner assigned to the row with one hundred thousand-dollar ($100,000) will spin the Wheel of Fortune having wedges with multipliers ranging from one time (1X x) to ten times (10Xx). That one hundred thousand-dollar ($100,000) amount will be multiplied by the multiplier on the wedge where the spin stops at. The multiplied amount added to the cash prize they won in Round 1 will be his or her cash prize.

E. If the Grand Prize Trip Package Winner or transferee is unable to attend the Event, a designee appointed by the Grand Prize Trip Package Winner may fill in as a proxy at the Event. In the Event that a Grand Prize Trip Package Winner is unable to appoint a proxy, an IGT representative shall fill in as a proxy for the Grand Prize Trip Package Winner at the Event. Any cash prize won by any such proxy shall be awarded to the Grand Prize Trip Package Winner who appointed the proxy or on whose behalf the proxy was appointed.